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HenSaver® Hen Apron® by Crazy K Farms

What is a Hen Apron? 
A hen apron, or chicken saddle, is a device you put on your hens to protect their backs from roosters during mating. When roosters mate with hens, the hens often sustain feather loss and cuts and gashes on their backs and shoulders that can lead to infection, picking, cannibalism and death.
Hen aprons can be used on all of the chickens in your flock (both the hens and roosters) if they tend to peck at each other.
Once your hen suffers feather loss and wounds on her back, she must either be removed from the flock or have her back covered to prevent further damage and infection that can potentially lead to her death. 
The Hen Saver® hen apron/saddle establishes a high level of protection for your hen against injury and afford prompt healing and feather re-growth to take place in your chickens with existing wounds and feather loss. The level of protection that is afforded by a particular apron or saddle will depend on the quality of the material and construction of the apron and must meet the needs of the chicken, including a proper fit. The patented design of our Hen Saver® hen apron is a huge improvement over existing designs and provides an unmatched level of protection for your chickens. 
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Have (or want to have) an indoor free-range chicken, duck or goose? Our patented Hen Holster bird diaper is for you!

The Hen Holster solves the problems typically encountered with bird diapers: incorrect fit, uncomfortable fit, poor quality fabric, inferior construction, leakage, complicated to put on and take off, difficult-to-change liners.
The Hen Holster doubles as a harness! Want to take your pet outside for a walk? Just snap on a leash and go! 
The patented Hen Holster combines a comfortable harness design with a well-fitting diaper that contains a leak-proof, reuseable inner pocket. The shape of the Hen Holster channels droppings away from your bird, even when your pet is perching or lying down. The D-ring on the back enables you to easily connect a leash to take your chicken for a walk.
AVAILABLE IN TWO STYLES: Wrap-around and Bikini! Both are comfortable harness-style diapers with removable liners available in three sizes to fit most chickens, ducks and geese.
Trouble choosing? Here are the differences to help you decide which is best for your bird:
Wrap-Around Hen Holster diaper:
    Heavy-duty diaper wraps around your bird’s tail
    – Offers the ultimate in adjustablity over your bird’s vent
    – Covers the oil gland
    – Recommended for ducks and geese, better for roosters and very active hens
Bikini Hen Holster diaper:
 – Lighter ‘bikini bottom’ diaper sits below your bird’s tail
 – Two adjustable straps
 – Does not cover the preening gland
 – Better for chickens that preen often


you will be taken to
Crazy K Farm’s storefront for purchase
You asked and we responded! Crazy K Farm has developed a supportive, ultra-comfortable crop bra / chest protector. 
Chickens and other birds often suffer from crop issues such as crop stasis/slow crop (in which the crop empties very slowly) or pendulous crop (in which the crop has been stretched). Any crop problem that requires a bird’s crop to be supported can be helped by the patented Birdy Bra.
The Birdy Bra not only supports a slow or pendulous crop, but can protect a bird’s chest, which is a common location of pecking of hens by other hens. Once blood is drawn the pecking can escalate, resulting in infection and even death. Our Birdy Bra can also be used on parrots that self mutilate.
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HenSaver® Hen Apron® by Crazy K Farms
HenSaver® Hen Apron® by Crazy K Farms
HenSaver® Hen Apron® by Crazy K Farms
HenSaver® Hen Apron® by Crazy K Farms
HenSaver® Hen Apron® by Crazy K Farms
HenSaver® Hen Apron® by Crazy K Farms
HenSaver® Hen Apron® by Crazy K Farms