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Circo Innovations

Circo Innovations

Build it with PVC – FREE PLANS

Greenhouses • Chicken Housing • Utility • SO MUCH MORE!!

The ideas and possibilities are endless. Using PVC and our Snap Clamps you can build anything you can imagine. Use Snap Clamps to easily attach any sheet like material to a tubed frame like PVC or EMT metal conduit. 

Greenhouses are just the beginning. To see more great ideas follow this link to seePVC plans online.

Chicken Pen – Arched Roof Chicken Coop (as seen in Mother Earth News)

Pitched Roof Greenhouse – 6 ft. X 9 ft. Pitched Roof Greenhouse.

Arched Roof Greenhouse -11.5 ft. X 12.5 ft. Arched Roof Greenhouse.

Pastured Poultry Pen – Complex Portable Pastured Poulry Pen

Row Cover – Cover your rows of plants with pipe, Snap Clamps, and your choice of cover material.

Smaller Poultry Pen


Located in Grass Valley, California, Circo Innovations was started by Joe Ramey to sell his patented Snap Clamp. As a mason and tile contractor, Joe needed a solution to create a barrier around his tile saw to keep the inside of the house clean from any debris. His solution was to build a PVC frame around the saw and clamp plastic to the frame to enclose the saw. As a result he created the Snap Clamp, which securely grips any material to a PVC pipe. This revolutionary idea has found many uses across many sectors including, but not limited to, greenhouses, row covers, shelters, bird protection, dog beds, quilting frames, and cages.

Circo Innovations
Circo Innovations
Circo Innovations