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Chicken Scratch Poultry – Illinois Hatchery – w/shipping

Illinois Hatchery and Breeding Farm. Day old chicks, Baby chicks, Pullets, and hatching eggs.

Welcome to our farm (see some photos)

Here at Chicken Scratch Poultry (Illinois Hatchery), we are a small breeding farm and hatchery that focus on rare Heritage poultry.  We have astrong belief in sustainable agriculture and believe that raising beautiful, healthy chickens is a direct result of high quality feed, humane treatment and above all, starting with the absolute best breeding stock possible. Here at Chicken Scratch Poultry we made it our top priority to begin with only the best blood lines from rare beautiful poultry breeds from the top poultry breeders in the US.  These breeds are not only beautiful but they also lay beautiful eggs. Check out breeds like Mint Creambar.

Our chickens are always allowed plenty of room to roam and supervised free range time.  If your searching for rare beautiful chickens, you’ve  come to the right place.  Join us and become a steward of these rare chicken breeds.  We strive to sell High quality chickens, whether they are young pullets, day old baby chicks, or hatching eggs.  Keep in mind we are a small breeding farm and hatchery, we keep our flocks small in order to provide the best quality poultry possible. Visit this Illinois Hatchery or our Website.

We are certified by the state of Illinois, and the National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP). 

Here’s the List

14025 County Road 975 East
Chicken Scratch Poultry – Illinois Hatchery – w/shipping