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For over 40 years, Starbar® products have been relied upon from home to barn for controlling the insects that interrupt the solace of country life. From fighting flies, fire ants and mosquitoes, Starbar has a solution that you can count on. Starbar® products have cultivated a reputation of providing trustworthy solutions known for their longevity and effectiveness. The comprehensive lineup of baits, sprays and traps provides insect control for your entire poultry operation, including high-, mid- and low-level infestation sites.

For ceilings, attics and rafters, get high-level control with easy-to-use sticky traps, such as the Fly Stik™ or Fly Stik™ Jr. Using bright colors to draw flies in, they can be multi-purposed to help control nuisance fly populations and monitor control processes.

Odor and pheromone traps are ideal for mid-level control near walls, fences and corrals. Jug traps, such as Starbar’s Captivator® Fly Trap, are designed with a one-way entry system to prevent flies from escaping.

Fly baits and strips are great for low-level areas where flies feed such as floors, ledges and gates. A rotation of QuikStrike® and Golden Malrin® Fly Baits is recommended to ensure the consistent control of nuisance flies without the worry of resistance issues.

When used in combination, Starbar® products will help establish a control program that can benefit your entire operation. To learn more about Starbar’s complete product lineup and solutions for poultry operators, visit www.StarbarProducts.com and download the Poultry Protocol Guide.

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