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Apocalypse Well Pumps

Apocalypse Well Pumps

Do you have a water security plan!?

Hand Operated Emergency Well Pumps

Freeze Proof, Rust Proof, Idiot Proof

The reliable hand operated well pump from the pioneer days has been redesigned with modern materials and manufacturing methods. This is the ideal backup solution for families who want the security of an unlimited supply of water during disasters, global crisis or power outages.

Our Montana based, family owned business, offers two styles of pumps, both of which fit inside a 6″ well casing along with your current submersible pump and can slip past a pit-less adapter.  Our pumps can also fit in a 4” casing that does not have a pit-less adapter and 2” sand-point wells Wetted parts of both pumps are Stainless Steel and PVC.

The AK series pump is our runaway best seller.  It is completely maintenance free as we have eliminated all the parts that can wear out or fail, such as springs, flapper valves, leathers, O-rings, etc. With only two moving parts, the AK pump is very affordable and insanely reliable.   The AK series is the “no brainer” solution for families with wells less than 50 feet.  The DIY kits are based on five foot modular sections that simply screw together.  Two people can install a pump in as little as 30 minutes using common hand tools and the photo based or video instructions.  Tested successfully at -35F.  1.5” piston pumps water at 3-5gpm depending on depth.

The AR series (50-125ft) is our new pump in response to customers wanting deeper pumps.  This positive displacement pump can be easily disassembled and has a rubber cup seal that is needed to lift water from greater depths.  1” piston with Stainless Steel cable/weight, pumps 1.5-2gpm.

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Apocalypse Well Pumps