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American Dorper Sheep Breeder’s Society

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American Dorper Sheep Breeder’s Society – the official registry for Dorper Sheep in the United States.

**Special Announcement – August 2018

One of the target priorities for the American Sheep Industry Let’s Grow committee is the development of better business management skills to assist sheep producers with success in the sheep business. We invite you to participate in three open access online course modules offered in this fall. These course modules include:

  • Foundations for Business Management
  • Managing Depreciation for Your Farm Business
  • Hiring and Keeping Agricultural Workers.

The course instructors include RightRisk Education Team members: John Hewlett, a Farm and Ranch Management Extension Specialist with the University of Wyoming; Jeff Tranel, an Agricultural & Business Management Economist with Colorado State University; and, Jay Parsons, an Associate Professor in the Department of Agricultural Economics at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

You can access the all three modules using the Moodle online learning platform by pointing your browser to http://www.eRightRisk.com/courses/.

This opportunity is made possible by the Let’s Grow Committee of the American Sheep Industry Association. 

The Society was organized in December of 1995. In October of 1996 the first event was held in Cameron, Texas, with attendees from Mexico, Canada, South Africa and several regions in the United States. The first business meeting was held and a board of directors was elected. By December 1996, the organizational by-laws were formalized and the Society was incorporated.


Dorper Sheep – Meat Sheep for the Modern Producer

Dorper Sheep, one of the fastest growing breeds in the United States and many other countries. Originally breed in the early 1940’s, Dorper Sheep are a cross from Dorset horned rams and Blackhead Persian ewes. As with many cross breeds, the Dorper concentrated the best qualities of each breed.

  • Hardy and Adaptable – Dorper Sheep are highly adaptable and do well in harsh extensive conditions as well as in more intensive operations
  • Excellent Maternal Qualities – Ewes are excellent mothers and heavy milkers. Lambs are vigorous and have high survivability.
  • Long Breeding Season – Dorpers are non-seasonal or have an extended breeding season. They can easily be managed to produce three lamb crops in two years.
  • Reproductive Efficiency – Dorpers are very fertile and prolific. Lambing rates of 180% can be achieved per lambing. They are early maturing and will produce a lamb crop at one year of age.
  • Pre-potency – Dorper Sheep cross well with commercial ewes of other breeds and as terminal sires produce fast growing, muscular lambs.
  • Non-Selective Grazers – Dorpers are excellent converters of a wide range of forage types and they excel in grazing or weed control operations.
  • Heat and Insect Tolerant – Because of their Blackhead Persian origin, Dorpers have natural tolerance to high temperatures and heavy insect populations. They are productive in areas where other breeds barely survive.


Meat Production:

The meat produced from a Dorper flock is very popular with its mild taste. The meat of the future! Even older culled ewes can be sold for meat. This is important when raising a breed for market. Most lambs can reach market weight of 80 to 90 pounds at around four months of age. Mature rams range in weight from 240 pounds to 275 pounds. The Dorper ewes range from 150 to 200 pounds mature weight.

Braised Lamb Shanks

For this and more recipes click on image

For this and more recipes click on image



Membership has its privileges! ADSBS members enjoy reduced fees, a quarterly magazine, free listing on the ADSBS website, an annual member’s meeting and banquet, and participation in the running of the organization. Educational events are held at least annually, covering topics including flock health, government regulations, nutrition, showing and fitting, and Dorper Breed Standards.

Registering your sheep with the ADSBS entitles you to participate in shows and sales held by the ADSBS and local affiliated organizations. The fees collected by the registry cover national promotion of the breed as well as the member benefits listed above.

Membership Application


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American Dorper Sheep Breeder’s Society
American Dorper Sheep Breeder’s Society
American Dorper Sheep Breeder’s Society
American Dorper Sheep Breeder’s Society