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     EXACO is a family-owned business in Austin, Texas. We specialize in unique imported garden products, focusing mainly on high-quality European greenhouses, composters, rain barrels and other “green” products. Our products include the finest greenhouses from Germany and Belgium to high-quality outdoor composters, kitchen compost pails, rain barrels, sandboxes, clotheslines, and planters.

Our High Quality Greenhouses

From year round cold frames to beautiful glass Victorian greenhouses, we have a greenhouse that is right for you. Are you are just starting out and lack space for a full size greenhouse? A cold frame may be perfect for you to get an early start on the planting season.


There are many choices a hobbyist faces when they decide to purchase a greenhouse. All greenhouses are essentially designed to extend the growing season and to be a safe haven for plants. However, not all greenhouses are created equally. In fact, purchasing a greenhouse is much like purchasing a vehicle. Even though all vehicles are designed to get you from point A to point B, there are a plethora of choices and varying costs.








Generally speaking, higher quality vehicles with more options are more expensive than a basic, bare-bones vehicle. The same concept holds true with greenhouses. A higher quality greenhouse which lasts longer, provides more options, and is more energy efficient will cost more initially than an entry level hobby greenhouse. When comparing hobby-kit type greenhouses, it is hard to ignore the supremacy of the German RIGA and RIGA XL polycarbonate greenhouses. Our rugged Riga polycarbonate greenhouses offer a range of sizes with varying width, length or height to make it easy to find the one for you. Riga options include shelves, seed trays, automatic opening windows, heaters, vent fans and more to allow customization of your greenhouse to your needs. The rugged Riga and Riga XL polycarbonate greenhouse weathers winter beautifully and its unique structure withstands heavy snows and high winds.


If you are looking for a beautiful retreat, outdoor dining area or traditional greenhouse – a Victorian glass greenhouse fits the bill. Serious gardeners love the architectural structure, automatic window openers, optional shade cloth, louvered window vents and the Victorian roof detail. It is an amazing addition to any outdoor area – the pictures speak for themselves.









Environmentally Friendly Gardening Products

Composting benefits your gardens and plants as well as the earth. Explore our composter options to find one that is right for you. We have a variety of composters to choose from whether you are looking to start small or large. Many of our composters have better insulation and air circulation to ensure quicker decomposition of your waste. For those who want to avoid the work of turning compost, we even have the Earthmaker and the top of the line Aerobin 400 to make composting easier. Since most of our composters are made in Europe, they comply to the highest standards (REACH) of chemical safety. They are made of environmentally friendly recycled materials and are BPA free.


Rain Collection Tanks from Graf of Germany

We have a great selection of handsome rain collection tanks that beats the cheap plastic green barrels that are so common. Our rain barrels from Graf of Germany are 100% recyclable, UV stable, weather-resistant, child-proof and include taps and diverter kits to make installation easy. They boast a closed system design to minimize mosquitoes. The 3 layer walls block out all light to discourage algae growth.

Energy Saving Clotheslines

The Juwel NovaPlus Rotary Line Dryer is an environmentally friendly and energy saving way to give your clothes that “fresh air” smell.


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Exaco Trading
Exaco Trading
Exaco Trading
Exaco Trading
Exaco Trading
Exaco Trading
Exaco Trading
Exaco Trading