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Rhonda Crank

Rhonda Crank

I'm a Southern born and raised farm girl transplanted to Northwest Idaho. I love going barefoot in the garden, working with our animals, and all things homesteading. We live as close to nature as is possible for us. Join us on our journey as we share old-timey wisdom for today.

We use organic,non-GMO practices based on the wisdom and skills my grandparents taught me, with a little modern ingenuity mixed in.

Life is often chaotic, stressful, and sometimes painful. We want to be a source of encouragement, information, direction, and strength for all those seeking to live a more self-sustaining, naturally healthy lifestyle.

We've taken up a lesson my grandfather taught me, “There’s as many ways of gettin’ a farm job done as there’s farmers. Ya gotta be willing to listen, help, and learn from ’em, even if it’s just to see what not to do.” We live every area of our lives by this motto. Come enjoy the journey with us!

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