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Lisa Steele

Lisa Steele

I'm a fifth-generation chicken keeper and the founder of the natural chicken keeping website Fresh Eggs Daily®. I am also an author, gardener and aspiring herbalist and live on a small hobby farm in Maine with my husband and an assorted flock of chickens and ducks, a German Shepherd, a Corgi and a barn cat.

I share my farming adventures on my blog and Facebook pages Fresh Eggs Daily and Duck Eggs Daily. My blog was named one of the top ten gardening blogs for 2014 by Better Homes and Gardens magazine.

I had been around chickens for most of my life, but only got back into raising them as an adult about seven years ago. I created Fresh Eggs Daily® to help others learn how to raise their flocks naturally, without using antibiotics or other commercial medications, much like my grandparents did. My advice is largely based on how the old-timers did things, as well as my own creative spin and tried-and-true experiences with my own flock.

Dedicated to raising our animals as naturally as possible, I offer advice and tips to help readers learn to use herbs and other holistic preventives and remedies as well as creative ways to keep their flocks happy and healthy - and show them how to have some fun while doing it. In addition to chicken keeping tips, I also share DIY projects for the coop and run using mostly repurposed materials, natural household products, gardening ideas, and recipes using fresh eggs, vegetables, and herbs. I knit, sew, read, and dabble in canning and breadmaking when not tending to my flock.

Our flock has numbered from just three hens to more than three dozen over the years plus nearly a dozen ducks. I have raised more than 25 different poultry breeds at various times and now concentrate on some of the more rare breeds of chickens such as Lavender Orpingtons, Chocolate Orpingtons, Olive Eggers, Blue Copper Marans and Blue Ameraucanas, as well as Ancona, Saxony, Magpie and Silver Appleyard ducks. I collect beautiful blue, olive green, cream, white and chocolate brown eggs daily from our mixed poultry flock.

I wrote a book titled Fresh Eggs Daily: Raising Happy, Healthy Chickens...Naturally (St. Lynn's Press, 2013) which not only offers basic advice to those just starting out on their backyard chicken journey, but also complies the best from my blog in the areas of the coop, run, nesting boxes, dust bath area, and more, to guide readers on a more natural path to chicken keeping. My second book Duck Eggs Daily: Raising Happy, Healthy Ducks...Naturally (St. Lynn's Press, 2015) covers natural duck care. My third book Gardening with Chickens (Voyageur, 2016) deals with incorporating your flock into your gardening efforts and learning how to protect crops and landscaping from your chickens.

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