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Katherine Drovdahl MH CA CR CEIT DipHIr QTP

Hi! I love to share my enthusiasm for goats and livestock, gardens and plants and caring for them in a sustainable manner. I have owned most types of livestock over my life and currently have LaManchas, horses, alpacas, guardian dogs and poultry. My Master's Degree in Herbology as well as other alternative degrees coupled with my passion for farm creatures gives me a unique outlook on solving wellness and other goat challenges. My goat experience since 1999 includes years of showing through the national level with countless Best In Show wins on the west coast, DHIR (milk test) with breedleaders (top ten for milk/butterfat) and almost annual participation in Linear Appraisal. I have also judged 4H/FFA goat shows and taught alternative wellness for goats at conferences for goat organizations including ADGA - the American Dairy Goat Association. I also have an over 500 page textbook on livestock herbalism available on my website. May you and your herd be ABUNDANTLY BLESSED as you continue to learn and enjoy your beloved goats!
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