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Kate Johnson

Kate Johnson

Kate Johnson is the owner and main “Cheese Coach” at The Art of Cheese, an artisan Home-Cheesemaking School based in Longmont, Colorado. She and her family raise Nubian, Nigerian Dwarf and Oberhasli dairy goats at Briar Gate Farm, which is how she got her start in cheesemaking. Having a ready supply of delicious farm-fresh goat milk, she initially taught herself to make cheese for her family and friends. Once she perfected some of the simpler cheeses, she decided to further her education by taking an advanced cheesemaking course from Larry and Linda Fallaice of Three Shepherds Farm of Vermont as well as a class from the San Francisco “Milkmaid”, Luella Hill. She has won many champion and blue ribbons for her cheeses at the Boulder County Fair and taught cheesemaking classes for several years through Colorado State Extension Services, the City of Longmont, Front Range Community College, Boulder Valley Lifelong Learning, at local wineries and breweries and in private homes before opening The Art of Cheese in 2014. She currently teaches most of her classes in the Cheese Education Center located within the Haystack Mountain Cheese Creamery in Longmont. Students can learn to make a wide variety of cheeses from goat, cow and sheep milk that can be sourced from local farms, dairies and grocery stores.

When not making cheese or teaching cheesemaking, Kate also co-leads The Goats & Galore 4-H Club and is the Utility Goat Superintendent for the Boulder County Fair.

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