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Jeremy Chartier

Jeremy Chartier

Jeremy Chartier started his foray into the world of farming at the age of 12, and has never looked back. Growing up in rural Northeast Connecticut, Jeremy was raised on a small homestead with tractors, trucks and farm animals being part of everyday life.

Jeremy spent his early years exhibiting goats and chickens in 4-H, along with shadowing his father while building barns and chicken coops, fixing tractors, and creating cool contraptions out of scrap metal or spare parts. Experience being a great teacher, Jeremy learned the skills of a self-reliant farmer such as welding, mechanical repair, fabrication, fence and gate installation, hydraulic systems, how to operate common farm tools and a myriad of other useful things. Needless to say, he's been driving a tractor since he could reach the pedals.

Since his interest in livestock began at a young age, Jeremy enrolled in an Agricultural Education high school program in lieu of the usual scholastic route. Being exposed to agricultural mechanics, natural resource management, livestock and plant science classes, he had the opportunity to learn a broad scope of useful things. As part of this high school program, Jeremy raised chickens and turkeys for his supervised agricultural experience project, and was active in the FFA youth organization.

Jeremy continued his agricultural-centric education through the Ratcliffe Hicks School Of Agriculture at the University Of Connecticut, graduating with an associates degree in Animal Science, while being an active member of the UConn Poultry Science Club. Jeremy later joined a program run by the University Of Maine to be trained as a Poultry Service Provider, so he could offer basic poultry diagnostic and troubleshooting guidance to fellow poultry farmers and backyard enthusiasts.

Jeremy is also a 4-H poultry showmanship judge, volunteer Fire Fighter, emergency medical technician, and avid entrepreneur.

Jeremy is now happily focused on helping the backyard chicken keepers and rural homesteaders of the world through his work with Countryside Network.

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