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Chris Thompson

Chris Thompson

I was lured into the world of backyard chickens when I discovered that I could buy chicks in the poultry department of a farm store. I talked my husband into getting six chicks and before the end of the week, I had six more. Now, I have 27 backyard chickens in four coops! They accumulate fast!

I decided that I wanted to raise them as naturally as possible because we wanted healthy and delicious fresh eggs. As we set about to take the best care possible of our chickens, we became more aware of the foods we were eating and wanted healthier foods for our family. We built four raised bed gardens, and added some container gardens to our deck and planted fruit, vegetables and herbs. Our first foray into gardening had some ups and down, but we learned so much that we're confident that this year our garden will give us a bumper crop!

Along the way, I began writing the story of our efforts on my Facebook page, "The Eggs and I". From obsessively checking on our chicks, to taking care of an egg-bound hen, to rooster rehab, I write about every aspect of our adventures with our backyard chickens from a humorist viewpoint.

I'm a retired registered nurse, a writer, artist and photographer. I'm also the mother of three beautiful children who do not share my interest in poultry! I live in Southern Indiana near the Ohio River on a beautiful piece of property in a subdivision. I've already infected the neighborhood with backyard chicken love and now several neighbors have taken up backyard chicken keeping!

In my spare time, when I'm not writing about poultry, or spending time in my raised bed gardens, I enjoy crocheting and sewing. I also paint chicken art! My work can be found at www.Etsy.com/shop/roosterteeth.

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