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Angi Schneider

Angi Schneider

We live along the Texas Gulf coast on 1.5 acres where we raise chickens and bees, have a large garden and a growing orchard. We try very hard to live simply and to be producers and not just consumers. We journal our adventures at SchneiderPeeps.com

We share our simple living journey on our website SchneiderPeeps.com to encourage others in their own simple living journey. Each week we share posts about what is happening on our homestead - it might be our successes (or failures) in the garden or orchard, cooking from scratch, preserving the harvest, diy craft tutorials or reviews of encouraging books we've been reading.

In between homeschooling the last three of our six children and helping with our little homestead, I write for digital publications such as Countryside Network and The Biblical Herbal Magazine. I also have several printable ebooks, The Gardening Notebook and The Wellness Notebook, available for purchase at SchneiderPeeps.com/ebooks.

Website - http://SchneiderPeeps.com
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/schneiderpeeps
Pinterest - https://pinterest.com/schneiderpeeps
Etsy - https://www.etsy.com/shop/SchneiderPeeps

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