Why choose Countryside Network for your advertising needs?


We get it, there are a lot of choices out there.

Yes, there are a ton of choices out there. A ton of choices that include print and digital options like social media out there. Your head is spinning on which direction to take. But it doesn’t have to. We are constantly testing opportunities and passing that knowledge on to our advertisers. We place you were you will WIN.

We get it, You can totally do some of these things yourself.

Yes, you can get out there and place an ad on Facebook or you can do Google AdWords yourself and honestly, we can respect that. This means that you are keeping up on market trends and know the opportunities. But, do you really know why you are doing it and are you doing it well? Have you done the back end market research on potential client interests., demographics, etc? And really, what is your time worth? Countryside can maximize the response at a minimal effort or even conduct some of that research for you.

We get it, print doesn’t work.

It doesn’t work in the way that it’s harder to measure… Have you gotten completely caught up in measurable analytics from digital that you’ve forgotten that although clicks convert that you aren’t quite sure why the some of the others picked you in the first place? We get it, print is almost impossibly measureable but think of that audience, they pay for that subscription and completely engaged in what they are reading/seeing. Countryside Network will recommend a mix of that and digital based on the marketing goals to make sure the people seeing your ad are the right people for your business. And did you know, Countryside Network print rates are based on the amount of people that actually read the magazine, not just how many copies we print? Unread copies don’t amount to sales for our advertisers. The competition isn’t structuring their rates like this.

We get it, higher circulation is almost always better.

High volume advertising is good because A LOT of people will see your ad message. We get it. We like high numbers too, but did you know that most all of the conversions of our own subscription and book sales come because we can target a message to a specific interest? If your product is tied to a niche, isn’t it better to pre-qualify who will see your message? Countryside Network has been segmenting out those people for you. For example, do you have a product/service that is tied to poultry keeping? Well how about we show your ad only to people that have pre-qualified themselves on our site or magazine by reading poultry content, downloading a free guide, subscribing etc? Less waste, better results.

We get it. You have a budget, you have goals.

Your budget is tight, there’s a lot you want to do with it, still, we get it. Countryside Network offers so many options that can align with your goals at any reasonable marketing budget. Point blank – if we don’t do what you are expecting, you won’t return. Your business is our business.