6 Reasons to Consider a Native Ad Super Pack from Countryside Network



Native advertising isn’t an advertorial. Unlike display ads, the user generally pre-qualifies themselves by taking an action to consume the content. Whether they’ve linked from a click of interest, landed on it from organic search or found the content on social media, they CHOOSE to be there.

It’s not an Ad

Native advertising is genuinely good content that supports the interests of consumers who would purchase your product. Who wants another infomercial where you have to buy now? It’s related content in front of them branding the sponsor as a thought leader in a specific category of interest. Be front and center when they want to buy, and they’ll remember your helpful content.

But you do get ad space?

While reading the story, readers will take in strategic messages about your product and service offering in key locations. We’ll place ads in and around the content. Branding at its finest. Plus, you’ll receive a sponsored Facebook campaign to push even more traffic to that story and key branding that will show up directly on Google.

The content is evergreen

Yes, there are cheaper options out there and we can certainly play in that space with you, but how long does that ad message stay valid? With the Native Ad Super Pack, you’ll get evergreen content; the content never leaves our site. An investment in content with countrysidenetwork.com will show value for years! Our best native stories are often promoted again (at no cost to you) in our editorial newsletters and on social media because the audiences love them.

Google rewards you

CountrysideNetwork.com has thousands of search engine optimized (SEO) stories on the site, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of users each month. Google recognizes our ability to deliver relevant content to readers and consumers, and you can piggyback off that success. Each content piece contains a handful of referral links to help your own site gain ranking and authority. Google will begin to recognize our partnership and reward your digital properties.

Little to no effort on your part.

Don’t have anyone to create content? No problem! That’s included in the Native Ad Super Pack price. In fact, CountrysideNetwork.com has dozens of professional writers, all of whom homestead themselves while writing for us and optimizing their own websites and social footprints. We will create the story, optimize it for search, social media, and email newsletters, make the ads, place the ads, and monitor the results. What’s more, we often work with our writer network to create referral traffic to your content from their sites, to help it rank and attract even more potential customers.

This is one of the most effective easy investments you may ever make in your marketing efforts.

What it is NOT:
Advertorial • eBlast

What is IS:

Thought leadership • Evergreen • Targeted • Optimized • Native • Authentic

For more information contact an account manager.

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