Home Soap Making Book Bundle


Bundle These 3 Books for
20% Savings!

This bundle includes:

The Natural Soap Book
Making Herbal and Vegetable-Based Soaps

It’s fun to make your own natural soaps at home! Susan Miller Cavitch takes the mystery out of soapmaking, sharing her formulas for making high-quality vegetable-based soaps that are good for your skin and free of synthetic additives. The Natural Soap Book gives you: clear directions and illustrations to guide you step-by-step through the entire process—from buying supplies to cutting and trimming the final bars; recipes for old favorites like oatmeal/honey and avocado soaps to Susan’s unique recipes for goat milk, borage, and even a tropical shampoo bar; creative wrapping and gift packaging ideas; Formulas for exotic specialty scents; profiles and tips from professional soapmakers.

144 pages; $14.95 value


Basic Soap Making
All The Skills & Tools You Need To Get Started With Soap Making

Hundreds of step-by-step, full-color photographs illustrate exactly how to make cold-process soap. Instructions on molding soap, cutting bars, creating original recipes, packaging gifts, and more. Includes a chapter on constructing a soap mold, liner, and cutter at home. Handmade soap is inexpensive, soft on skin, and makes a great gift for anyone. Readers will learn the basic four-oil soap recipe, which can then be enhanced with additives such as oatmeal, fragrance oils, colored swirls, two-tone nuggets, and moisturizing butters. Charts on saponification, base oils, and luxury oils make creating unique soap recipes easy.

126 pages; $22.95 value


Milk-Based Soaps
Making Natural, Skin-Nourishing Soap

Learn the time-honored secrets of making moisturizing, skin-nourishing soaps with milk! Create this sought-after soap at home using the specialized yet simple techniques Casey Makela has developed in more than 15 years of soap-making. With her in-depth instructions, you’ll learn to: make both vegetable and tallow based soaps using common ingredients and equipment; create classic beauty soaps, like Milk-based Oatmeal and Peaches and Cream; experiment with specialty soaps from the practical to the lush —Nitty-Gritty to Romantic Rose; name, package and market your soaps to turn your hobby into a money-maker!

107 pages; $12.95 value

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