March/April 2017

Get Kids out Alive!

From their adorable little noses, to their bouncy legs and exuberant play, goat kids always make you smile. Kidding season brings with it a lot of extra work and stress, but the joy those babies bring make it all worthwhile. Learn how Summerhill Dairy makes sure everyone makes it out alive.

Issue Highlights

  • Get Kids Out Alive
  • The Natural Lives of Goats and Their Kids
  • What To Do In A Kidding Emergency
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General Manager
Mike Campbell
Marketing Director
Ellen Soper
Jennifer Stultz
Design Manager
Afton Pospisilova
Art Direction & Design
Madelyn LyBarger
Samantha Ingersoll, Ann Tom
Advertising Office
Display Advertising
Alicia Soper
Clint Lindell
Kelly Weiler

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