September/October 2017

Retirement is Gouda at Holy Goat Creamery

After delivering babies and doing gynecologic surgery in Manhattan, Kansas for nearly three decades, Suzanne Bennett, M.D. is now owner-operator of the Holy Goat Creamery three miles outside of Manhattan, and is delivering different kinds of ‘kids;’ which she fondly calls … her goats. Newly-retired from her 29-year medical practice, a central Kansas obstetrician/gynecologist is diving with vigor into her brand new career; milking goats and operating a creamery. This story is about living a second dream job and simultaneously giving back … in life.

Issue Highlights

  • Retirement is Gouda at Holy Goat Creamery
    Holy Goat Creamery
  • Biodiversity Mistakes Learned from Cows
  • How to Build a Goat Barn Using a Prefab Shed
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