How to Getting Started Raising Chickens

Advice for Buying Dairy Goats, Surviving Power Outages and Planting Now

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Starting Off Right With Chickens — If you plan on raising chickens on your homestead, there are a few things to know before buying baby chicks. Regardless of whether you are a suburban poultry keeper or a seasoned farmer, chickens are a wonderful addition to any homestead. A healthy and productive flock is directly related to the care that they receive. Learn about chicken breeds, chicken coop designs, waterers, feed, and much more!

+How to Keep Your Hens Happy — It’s not rocket science, but knowing a few tricks can help your chickens stay happy and productive. Keeping your hens happy is easy once you know what motivates their behavior. Nearly all of a chicken’s activities are motivated by three basic needs: to get enough to eat, to avoid being eaten, and to make more chickens. Confined chickens often develop a fourth need—to alleviate boredom—that may result when one or more of the three basic needs is not adequately met.


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In this Issue:

Don’t Wait on Winter Waning— There are several crops you can start today in your garden or field.

pH: What’s the Big Deal? — Knowing your soil’s pH level will help you determine what to grow.

A Guide to Using Steam Canners — This century-old practice is still effective if you know the fundamentals.

Building a Portable Chicken Coop — Step-by-step instructions for building your own chicken tractor.

Adding a Metal Roof — When it’s time to replace your roof, metal can often be the most affordable and effective option.

Property Site Planning Around the Sun — Knowing which way to build your home or buildings can save you big on energy costs.

Surviving Spring Power Outages — It’s all fun and games until the power goes out and you need emergency essentials and procedures. What you need to know to stay safe.

Tips For Buying a Dairy Goat — A few rules to know before you invest in your first dairy goat.

Let’s Talk About Losing Bees — Beekeepers around the world are experiencing more loss than usual, and it can be hard to talk about.

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Find a Sweet Spot for Growing Eggplants

Ticked Off

Travel: Tunisia’s Paradise

Homesteading Hack #4: Keeping Flies Away

Basics of Photographing Your Homestead

My Heiland Coos

A Goat Birthing Kit For Your Homestead

Key Words in the Country

We Prepare, But We Are Not Preppers

Book Review: Gardening for Butterflies

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How to Getting Started Raising Chickens