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Seabuck 7

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Seabuck 7

SeaBuck 7 is a natural food-based supplement made in the USA that provides optimal health benefits for animals. The wildcrafted goodness of Himalayan sea buckthorn berry, used in SeaBuck 7, delivers the best possible nutrients including over 190 bio-actives and the densest and purest form of Omega 7 that contributes to improved internal and external functions in pets and livestock.

Numerous studies have confirmed the easily absorbed SeaBuck 7 supplement promotes healthier internal functions, maintains optimum weight, plus improves skin texture, coat shine, and luster. SeaBuck 7 liquid supplement contains the goodness of the entire sea buckthorn berry, purified water and nutrient stabilizer…no additional additives, just natural food-based nutrition.

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Digestive Function

The nutritional attributes of the sea buckthorn berry supports digestive health by ridding the body of unwanted toxins, promoting mucous membrane production and maintaining balanced pH levels.

Coat/Fur Appearance

Omega 7 is the fatty acid needed for the health of skin, hair and nails. Much the same as in humans, animals need Omega 7 to help retain moisture, boost collagen, aid in healing, and ward off damaging free radicals.

Antioxidant Network

Animals spend a lot of time outdoors where skin-damaging free radicals continually break down and attack healthy cells. SeaBuck 7 provides a powerful variety of antioxidants for optimum health.

Reproductive Health

SeaBuck 7 promotes healthier passageways internally and the formation and maturation of sperm cells. Studies in horses have confirmed an increase in sperm motility and fertility.

Healthy Poultry Eggs

A recent lab study compared the Omega 3 and Omega 7 in an organic, cage-free grocery store egg to a backyard chicken egg from a hen that had been given SeaBuck 7 Backyard Chicken for 30 days. The SeaBuck7 egg contained 300 percent more Omega 3 than the grocery store egg. As for Omega 7, the SeaBuck7 egg contained 80 grams while the grocery store egg had none.

A Background on the Berry

Sea buckthorn (sea buckthorn, Hippophae Rhamnoides) is a hardy plant that is indigenous to select regions in the Northern Hemisphere. The wild-growing shrub produces bright orange berries that contain more nutrients than practically any other food source on the planet. The fruit from the plant, nutritionally dense sea buckthorn berries, contain over 190 beneficial bio-actives including antioxidants, minerals, flavonoids, carotenoids, Vitamins A, B’s, E and 10x more Vitamin C than oranges, plus a spectrum of Omegas including 3, 6, 9 and the highly elusive Omega 7 which is vital for internal and external health. In recent years, studies have found remarkable improvements on everything from gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, urogenital functions to noticeably healthier exteriors.

Not all sea buckthorn is the same and its nutritional profile is dependent on altitude, soil, air quality and temperature extremes. SeaBuck 7 sources their berries from their proprietary location high in the Himalayan Mountains. The berries are grown at altitudes topping 12,000 ft. above sea level and in a climate that varies from 90° F in the summer months to -30° F below zero in the winter. These severe conditions force the plant to extract as many nutrients from the soil as possible to fortify themselves against the excessive climatic variances. The wild-crafted sea buckthorn used in all SeaBuck 7 products is, simply put, the best variety available.

The berries are annually harvested berry and processed within hours of being collected. The oils and pureed fruit are then shipped, by refrigerated container ships, to the USA where the finished products are prepared and packaged under stringent quality standards.


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Seabuck 7
Seabuck 7
Seabuck 7